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The following Terms and Conditions will apply to your stay at any property listed with Wow Stay, the Agent.

  1. We reserve the right to make changes to the Website and to this agreement from time to time at our sole discretion. We are not obliged to notify you of any changes to the Website or to our Terms and Conditions in advance. 
  2. A breach of these Terms and Conditions will result in, but is not limited to, you being evicted from the Premises, losing your Security Deposit (if any) and/ or other monies paid (or owed) by you.
  3. We are a private operator and are not affiliated or associated with the on-site management of the resort or hotel. All Guest enquiries must be referred to Wow Stay and not the onsite management.
  4. All the properties listed by Wow Stay are fully self-contained apartments with full laundry facilities, therefore, all bookings are for the room rate only and do not include any cleaning or servicing during your stay. If you wish to organise additional cleaning during your stay, additional charges may apply. This is based on availability.
  5. Wow Stay provides an initial supply of complimentary items (meant for the first night only) such as soap, detergents, tea and coffee, and toilet supplies for your convenience. These items are not replenished during your stay.
  6. We do not have the facilities to store luggage.
  7. Key collection and check in is available between 3pm – 6pm on the day of arrival. Keys will be collected from the Wow Stay office, located at Circle on Cavill. 
  8. If you are collecting keys outside of office hours, guests will be provided (by email and/or SMS) an access code (valid only for the day of arrival) to the key safe which is located off-premises. It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided the correct contact details to the agent, to enable you to receive the code.
  9. Our Wi-Fi is free for guest usage. We cannot guarantee the performance. We do not take any responsibility nor will we compensate for any loss of connection should connection issues be traced to the third-party provider.
  10. Guests must comply with parking regulations. Wow Stay is not liable for any damages or charges incurred if you park illegally. Guest must park in assigned space only.
  11. Should parking be included in your reservation, it will be limited to one designated space per apartment.
  12. Your credit card details will only be used to pay for amounts relating to your occupation of the property. At the time of booking, the Guest authorises Wow Stay to process all amounts and charges associated with the occupation in an apartment as and when they are due.  
  13. If the Premises are damaged during your occupancy due to accidental, negligence or wilful act of any Guest or the Guests’ invitees, the Premises will be repaired by us at the cost of the Guest. Any damage over the amount of $500 may result in a report being lodged with the police as malicious damage.
  14. We have a strict No Party policy. Use of the Premises for any event or use other than as residential holiday accommodation may result in; the immediate termination of the booking for the Premises; removal of the Guest(s) and other occupants from the Premises; and other costs or expenses (including a function/extra cleaning fee of up to $2,000) being charged to the Guest’s credit card. If insufficient funds are available the debt will be passed onto a debt collecting company or the courts for the debt, plus recovery costs.Security personnel are present in the buildings and have the authority to address any disruptive behaviour.
  15. Guests must contain noise to a reasonable level particularly, between 10pm and 7am. We prioritise providing a peaceful and respectful environment for all guests.
  16. All properties are non-smoking. We do not take any liability or offer refunds or compensation if any health issues arise during your stay. We take every precaution in our methods of cleaning the apartments to keep them at a healthy and clean state. Evidence of smoking, including cigarette remnants, ash residue, or lingering odour, will result in full security deposit forfeiture.
  17. If you are visiting during “a holiday peak season”, resorts are usually operating at full capacity. This translates to increased noise and longer than usual travel/traffic times; lift waiting times; and service waiting times. We strongly encourage our guests to consider the impact of this busy period and allow extra time for their transport arrangements, and other service needs.
  18. Wow Stay is not responsible for the maintenance, care, operation or advance notification of resort facilities governed by the Body Corporate of the resort including but not limited to its security and security staff; pools; lifts; thoroughfares; carparks; lawns; and/or barbecue facilities. Accordingly, all issues relevant to these areas are outside the control of the Agent. 
  19.  If you are staying in an Apartment, you, your Guests and your invitees must comply with the by-laws, house rules and any reasonable directions provided by members of the body corporate’s committee or building manager for the scheme.
  20. We do not provide working safes in the apartments. Neither Wow Stay nor the owner of the Premises takes any responsibility for the loss or theft of your personal property or for any bodily injury that occurs on, or at, the Premises.
  21. Safes in the apartments are not operable. Please do not use them. If you choose to use the safe and require a locksmith, the cost will be your responsibility.
  22. We recommend all guests purchase travel insurance as Management are not responsible for any injuries, illness or accidents that may occur whilst staying at our property.
  23. We are not responsible for any items left at the property after your departure. It is the Guest’s responsibility to ensure all personal items and/or property are collected and removed from the apartment at departure time.
  1.  A dynamic pricing policy has been adopted. Algorithms set pricing for our accommodation based on market demand and will automatically increase or decrease at different times based on this algorithm. The best available rate is offered at the time of booking and cannot be changed. 
  2. The balance of the Total Booking Fee must be paid at least one (1) calendar month before your arrival date. The Guest authorises Wow Stay to process any balance due against the designated credit card at or around the due date.
  3.  For bookings made within one (1) calendar month before your arrival date, full payment of the Total Booking Fee is required at the time of booking.
  4. If a Non-refundable rate was selected at time of booking, the total booking fee is due at that time. 
  5.  No matter what the circumstances, the Total Booking Fee must be paid by the Guest no later than one (1) calendar month before their arrival date. If the Total Booking Fee is not paid by the due date, Wow Stay reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
  6. If the Guest books the reservation on a Third Party Agent: The Guest responsible for the booking enters, and sets up all the required details, and makes payment (if using a third party Agent payment process), in accordance with the Third Party Agents process, the Agent will get a notification from the Third Party Agent with all relevant details.
  7. All deposits are non-refundable. Payment of deposit either direct with Wow Stay or via one of our third party business partners (OTA’s) constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions. We do not offer a refund if you simply change your mind.
  8. If you cancel your booking for any reason, you must notify us in writing, and the following cancellation fees apply:
    8.1. If cancelled more than one (1) calendar month before arrival, no cancellation fee will be applied, unless a non-refundable booking was selected.
    8.2. If cancelled within (1) calendar month of arrival, a 100% of the booking fee will be forfeited.
  9. No refund will be given for early departure. Under no circumstances does the Agent offer any refunds of rental monies paid if the guest is unsatisfied with any aspect of their accommodation (including before, during, or after check out). All complaints must be submitted in writing. Complaints will be responded to within 10 business days once received in writing.
  10. Refunds cannot be made for bookings cancelled due to inclement weather, illness or change in family circumstances. We recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance to protect you in this regard. It is extremely important that you take out Travel Insurance.
  11. If the Premises becomes unavailable for occupancy before or during your stay for any reason (including but limited to. damage to the Premises; need to carry out emergency repairs; sale of the Premises by the owner; the termination of our appointment to act as Agent for the Premises; and/or any other eventuality), the Agent will, within one business day, notify the Guest of the change in circumstances (booking cancelled) and will endeavour to find suitable alternative arrangements for the Guest in another property where the Agent is the appointed property manager.
  12. If the Guest determines that the alternative arrangements in the other property are not satisfactory, the Agent will, without hesitation, refund all monies paid for the whole or part of the booking not fulfilled.
  13. Where the Guest has booked via a third party booking agent the Guest agrees to provide to the Wow Stay office details of a valid credit card that can serve as a bond if required.
  14. A security deposit will be charged to your credit card before you take up occupancy of the property. The amount of the security deposit ranges between $250.00 – $1000.00 AUD and is dependent on the apartment size. Provided no additional charges have been incurred, (once the property has been inspected and deemed left in a similar state to arrival), is refunded up to seven (7-10) business days following your stay.
  15. Additional charges may apply if excess rubbish is left inside the apartment upon your departure, dishes have not been washed or put in the dishwasher, furniture has not been returned to its original place, and there is any damage to the apartment or contents.
  16. The Agent takes every care to avoid double bookings. However, the Agent has several Reservation Staff/Agents who work simultaneously on numerous enquiries/bookings. The Agent also has online bookings with different channels or platforms. Occasionally double bookings occur where the Agent agrees to a booking and then a subsequent booking is inadvertently processed/instantly booked prior to the first mentioned booking being entered into our system. In such a case, the booking first agreed to takes preference and the latter booking will be cancelled. The Agent will not be liable under such circumstances.
  17. The booking is made in good faith by us, the Agent, but may be subjected to change, alteration or cancellation at any time and at our sole discretion. We do not accept responsibility for events out of our control.
  18. The Agent is not responsible for any loss arising out of any occurrences or conditions beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of terrorism, act of God, defects in vehicles, war, strikes, theft, delay, cancellation, civil disorder, disaster, Government regulations or changes in itinerary or schedule.
  19. If you expect to arrive early in the day and would like immediate access to your apartment, we recommend booking the apartment for the prior night to guarantee immediate access. Similarly, for late departures, reserving an additional night will guarantee access to your apartment until you depart.
  20. Check-in time is from 15.00 hrs to 18:00 hrs.
  21. You must check-out before 10.00 hrs on your check-out day. Unless, otherwise confirmed and arranged in writing from a Wow Stay representative.
  22. Extra charges will apply if you are late in checking-out. If you need access to the property after 10.00 hrs, please make a request beforehand.
  23. Only the number of people shown on the confirmation email may stay at the Premises overnight. The number of your guests at any time should not exceed the number stated on the confirmation email notice unless subsequently agreed in writing or email by us.
  24. Parties and other functions are strictly prohibited on the Premises. The Total Booking Fee charged is for private domestic holiday use only. Accordingly, this rate does not allow for the extra costs associated with functions in terms of cleaning, garbage removal, wear and tear, repairs etc. Failure to comply with this condition may be considered a serious breach of this agreement resulting in your eviction, the loss of your bond and/or other monies paid by yo
  25. If a security guard is called out by any person following a noise or other complaint during your stay at the Premises, a $250 call out fee will be payable by you. If evicted, there will be no refund of monies paid by you.
  26. We reserve the right to enter the Premises at any time for any reason to ensure the compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
  1. All apartments are individually owned and furnished, as such each apartment may vary in terms of furnishings.
  2. While Wow Stay makes every effort to ensure that the information provided by us is current and kept up to date, this information may change without notice. Our staff will describe the premises, position and furnishings to the best of their ability and in good faith. We will accept no responsibility for misdescription. All photos on this Website, and third party booking sites, were taken on site and are provided as a guide only.
  3. Photographs on the Wow Stay Website, and third party booking sites, are an accurate representation of the described property at the time the photograph was taken and are subject to change with fair wear and tear. Neither Wow Stay nor the owner of the Premises accepts responsibility for personal perceptions. Neither Wow Stay nor the owner of the Premises take any responsibility for any errors or omissions contained on the Website. If any feature/facility is essential to the Guest in choosing a particular property, it is advisable that the Guest checks this with the reservation staff at time of booking. Wow Stay cannot be held liable for omissions or errors, whether temporary or permanent, in regards a property’s facilities and services.
  4. All appliances, amenities and facilities within each property are provided in good faith by the Property Owner for the use of the guest. Use of these appliances, amenities and facilities is subject to wear and tear, and guests agree that any repairs necessary will be attended to within a reasonable time frame. Guests agree not to hold the Agent or the property owner/is liable for any inconvenience or loss sustained if any appliances, amenities or facilities break down in the apartment.
  5. Guests agree to not breach any health or fire regulations or other pertinent laws when residing in our accommodation. If a guest sets off a fire alarm to the Fire Department, guests may be liable for a brigade call out fee.
  6. If trades people or service technicians need to be called out for an appliance malfunction or breakdown and it is determined that operator error is the reason for the malfunction, guests will be required to pay the bill for the service call and repairs.
  7. Strict no-pet policy across all apartments. Introducing any pet, regardless of size or species, will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of your security deposit for deep cleaning and potential pest control fees.
  8. The cleaning costs for the apartments range between $120- $450 AUD. We are happy to pay this for you, as long as the apartment is left in a reasonable condition. If the apartment is not left in a reasonable condition, we reserve the right to charge you a special cleaning fee to cover the reasonable cost of additional cleaning of the Premises that is required as a result of your occupancy.
  9. CIRCLE ON CAVILL APARTMENTS ONLY: Please note that our units feature a split air conditioning system designed to cool either the living room or the bedroom, not both simultaneously. For optimal comfort, we recommend planning your activities accordingly. Additionally, neither refunds nor any other form of compensation will be offered due to the technical limitations of thi cooling system.
  10. We provide a maximum of two (2) sets of keys to the apartment at check-in. You are responsible for the safekeeping and replacement of accommodation keys. Replacement or lost keys will be provided at an additional charge of $100 AUD. Should a key be lost, or be otherwise unaccounted for you must advise our office immediately so we can cancel the appropriate key for security reasons (you are responsible for any unauthorised entry) until these are cancelled.
  11. If a Guest locks him or herself out of the property and we are required to attend the premises to open the property, a surcharge call out fee charged between $100-$250 AUD applies. 
  12. Accidental triggers of these smoke alarms may result in the fire brigade attending. If the fire brigade attends a false alarm this will result in a fine from the fire department. These fines are expensive and are passed on to the Guest.
  13. For your safety, if there are one or more balconies on the Premises, please ensure that you, your Guests and your Visitors observe the following rules: A maximum of six (6) people are allowed on a balcony at any one time; Do not climb on, sit on, push or use strong force against the railings; Avoid any behaviour which may cause damage to the Premises, the balcony or its safety features; Avoid any behaviour that may cause a person to injure another person, themselves or cause someone or something to fall from the balcony; Do not go out on the balcony if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs; Ensure that all windows and balcony doors are locked before you leave the Premises. If children or persons of concern will be visiting or staying at the Premises, ensure that they are supervised at all times when using the balcony.
  14. Please note that the Premises are under video surveillance. Throwing objects from the balcony and windows is a criminal offence and is strictly prohibited. Persons doing so will be prosecuted under s317 of Criminal Code 1899 (QLD). If indicted, this could be associated with life imprisonment. Should items be thrown from balcony or windows all guest/s will be escorted from the Premises immediately without any claim to monies paid for their intended occupancy period.
  15. If this document is signed electronically, it is understood and agreed that this constitutes a valid contract as per the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001.

Wow Stay actively encourages feedback on our performance and the performance of our suppliers. This enables us to serve you better and improve our services to you.

Guests must notify the Agent of any complaints and/or report to the Agent any concerns with the property within 18 hours after arrival or otherwise as soon as is practicable. Otherwise it is agreed that all is in order with the Premises. It is recommended that you take photos of your apartment upon your arrival.

Please let us know any concerns you may have about your property or our services promptly so we can attend to resolve them immediately by speaking to our office staff during our opening hours.

All complaints must be lodged in writing.

To ensure that we can examine and respond to your complaint quickly, please make sure you:

Provide your name and contact details (preferably a phone number and an email address), the booking name and the reservation/booking number if available and the property address; and

Please provide as much detail as possible about the nature of your complaint, and attach any relevant documents and other information that support your complaint.


This business is regulated by the Property Occupations Act 2014 (QLD).

Our aim is to give excellent service. However, we acknowledge that the best systems, products and services can sometimes fail. We have therefore adopted the following procedures in order to achieve prompt and fair resolution of any complaints we might receive.

We seek your support and understanding in working through these procedures.

We invite you to: raise your complaint with the person you dealt with or ask to speak to the Manager; give us full details of your complaint (we may ask for more details so we can fully understand the circumstances leading to your complaint); and formalise your complaint in writing.

If you are not satisfied with our initial response, we will endeavour to discuss your complaint with you as soon as we can, in order to promptly and fairly resolve the matter. If, after consideration, we cannot resolve the complaint to your satisfaction we will advise you in writing.

In an endeavour to provide excellent service, we regularly review our policies, procedures and performance. We do take complaints seriously and will act in good faith to resolve them promptly and in a way that is fair to all concerned. 


Disputed charges must be brought to our attention within 72 hours of check-out. We will investigate all claims fairly and respond in a timely manner.